Finding a dental clinic is about more than finding a place with high quality and expert professionals who understand the needs of the patients. While this is imperative, you also need someone who can actually speak to and see you, an issue that a lot of people have due to language, cost, or the inability to find a dentist Medicaid will be accepted with, which leaves many to choose no one. You want place that is modern and that is able to give you the full experience that you want, and all without causing fear or difficulties. We are available to people who are in such a situation, and we are able to communicate with you in both Spanish and English. We accept various health care insurances, from Medicaid to PPO insurance, and we can make sure that you are cared for fully. We are here to help the individual, and we want to make sure that you are given the care that you deserve.

Residents in the 60639 area code should consider contacting us. Speak with us about your insurance and learn more about how we can help you to get your dental work in a way that is not going to make you poor. You can look to our services when you have a medical card, too.

One of the ways that we help people financially is by offering affordable services. We are a cheap prices dental practice that works to give everyone the chance to have the healthier, beautiful smile that they deserve. There are even discounts offered to make sure that you can take advantage of these services while paying as little as possible. Talk to us to learn more about these discounts as well as how you can qualify for them, a task that should not be that difficult for anyone. Our friendly staff is here to make sure that you are receiving the care and the cost that is right for you.

We pride ourselves on offering the high quality that you deserve, using modern technology and great professionals to create the perfect experience. When you combine this with our desire to give you the no fear dental appointment that you want, especially if you have reservations about visiting the dentist like so many other people, there is very little for you to worry about here. We are dedicated to you and maintaining a good image as a business, and we are going to do what we can to make sure that everything is just right.

We want to be your new dentist in the 60639 area, Hermosa, Belmont Cragin,  looking to help locals who want bilingual, affordable, and caring work.

We are located at 4953 West Fullerton Ave, Chicago, IL 60639, and our phone number is 773-887-3244.